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Academic environment

The educational process in our Vidyalaya is pleasant, attractive and motivating to the child. We adopt and establish firm trust between the child and the teacher. Our teachers are understanding and sympathetic and live with the bond of friendship and affection. CONTINUOUS COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION : Education is a unique investment and accountability is possible only through a well planed mechanism of assessment with reference to its objectives.

The National Policy of Education 1986, conceived the idea of introducing evaluation as an integral part of the teaching - learning process and suggested that the process of continuous and effective testing be evolved by taking care of all three domains viz. COGNITIVE, AFFECTIVE and PSYCHOMOTOR, for the integral development of personality of the learner. The scheme has been effectively introduced in our Vidyalaya with the following objectives :To use evaluation for improvement of student's achievement and teaching learning strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial instructions.To make a sound judgment and to plan timely strategies on the basis regular diagnosis followed by remedial instructions.To facilitate sound judgment ad to take timely decisions about the learner, learning process and the learning environment. To maintain desired standard for performance using evaluation as a quality contract device.To provide scope for self-evaluation by teachers and students.

Academic facilities :

  • The Academic Block plays an important role to carry out all the academic activities and smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya. We provide well furnished and ventilated establishment section to look day to day administrative work, Staff room, Class rooms to accommodate 40 children in one section, well equipped Practical laboratories, Music room to learn music and other performing arts, Art room to learn visual art and to develop aesthetic sense among the children and dispensary to get emergency medical help.

  • Science Laboratory : We have provisions for science practical which include well equipped practical laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These laboratories are designed to take care of the needs of the senior children to do practical experiments as per the requirement of the respective subject teachers. Apart from these laboratories we have established a separate Science Laboratory for junior children also so that their tender mind could grow to full

  • We have provided 20 well furnished and ventilated Class room facilities to our children. Each class room is of 20 X 20 feet in measurement which can accommodate 40 children in each section. Each class room is provided with dual desk, lights, fans etc. We also maintain proper hygienic condition by keeping our class rooms clean to boost an environment for children and teachers in the teaching learning process.

  • Physical Education Training, implemented in the syllabus, to learn the importance of physical fitness in a scientific manner and to grow our children normally, we provide out door and indoor games for both boys and girls, apart from track and field events. We have developed various grounds for various sporting events. We also provide outdoor Jim for children where they undertake required warm-up exercises to keep themselves fit. our children enjoy playing Cricket, Badminton, Volley ball, hockey, table tennis, handball carom, chess etc.

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