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The library

Children and their teachers need library resources and the expertise of a librarian to succeed. School libraries help teachers teach children. A school library is an academic library that supports school programs as well as the teaching and learning process. School libraries serve students by providing materials to meet their various needs and encouraging reading and the use of libraries. "Research shows that the reading scores for students in schools that focus on improving their library programs are, on average of eight to twenty one percent, higher than similar schools with no such development.

Library also plays the most important role for the development of mental ability and to fulfill the quest of knowledge for everyone. Even though the teaching methodology is changing with the time, still there is need of books, and one will come in search of what is new. Keeping this in mind we have established our library that is well furnished and equipped with books, journals, magazines, reference books etc. for teachers as well as children of all sections. At present we have more than 5000 books which include reference books for all the subjects, literature, general knowledge, career guidance, fictions, novels, travel, animals, birds, astrology, children's story books and lot more ... We also provide journals, news papers like India Today, Sports Today, Science Today, Times of India, Employment News, Dainik Bhaskar, Chronicle etc. Children are allowed to get books or journals issued as per their choice so as to utilize their own time for a good cause.

Our library help children to discover for themselves by independent study and learning how to ask questions. This study assesses the educational development of students and library use by students and the problems encountered. We stresses the importance of adequate collections.

The library take steps to enhance its collections and resources with material for both staff and students that meets their educational needs and developments and augments classroom teachings. Students use audiovisual materials as well as print and other formats. The library provide adequate recreational and information materials to arouse student interest. The library provide adequate reading and study space.

Few words about library

Books on the selves

Litrature 90%
Reference book 60%
News paper & megazine 75%