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Safety and security

About Safety and security of boarders

THE most important part in a residential school is the safety and security of boarders : Needless to say that parents are more concerned about their ward whenever their beloved one is away from their lap. Keeping in view we are following some safety measures for the well being of the children while staying in the campus.

Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them.

Richard L. Evans

The Vidyalaya administration has formed a safety and security committee to adopt immediate safety measures are to be taken . We have security briefing as a regular part of morning assembly. Children are kept fruitfully busy so that they may not indulge themselves in indiscipline activities. Whole campus is properly utilized, proper pathways are created and flood lights are being installed around every nook and corner in the campus so to avoid any misfortune to happen. Except parents, no out side visitors are allowed to visit the children. Parents are allowed to visit their wards only on 1st Sunday of every month. Meeting with respective house masters and mistresses are organized to brief about the child. To keep children actively involved in academics and co-curricular activities we have streamlined and systematized daily routine.

We always try to develop and improve a good social, authentic and environment friendly educational climate in the campus. So that children feel themselves at home, safe and secure in the campus. Every child is paid proper attention. It is also enquired, if he/she is looking upset, He/she is guided, counseled and timely help and assistance are provided to him/her. Children are not allowed to go out side campus for any reason. We strictly enforced the presence of all enrolled children in the campus. Regular roll call and attendance by the house masters/mistress done thrice a day. Our staff nurse attends any sick children immediately. However, our visiting doctor assures medical check up and necessary medical help is provide as per illness of a child. We always consult our visiting doctor after first aid as the case may be. Full medical fitness test are conducted once in a fortnight. Our staff nurse maintains individual health record for every child. Strict discipline and to check the unauthorized absence of any child from the campus are given paramount importance. To maintain safety of children while travelling from one place to other, it is our prime responsibility to provide escort (s), separate for both boys and girls. Escorting teacher (s) briefed all the details of the journey and precautions to be taken.

House master(Senior Boys)

Pushkar Sood House master / Shivalik Senior

PGT - Chemistry
Contact No. 9630710936 (M)

Chandra sekhar TiwariHouse master / Udaigiri senior

PGT - Biology
Contact No. 9993061397 (M)

Arunodaya Mishra House master / Nilgiri senior

PGT - Geography
Contact No. 9406928830 (M)

Suraj Kumar Pandey House master / Arawali senior

PGT - Mathematics
Contact No. 9407176873 (M)

House master(Junior Boys)

Sanjeev Sashtri House master / Udaigiri junior

TGT - Gujarati
Contact No. 8389118176 (M)

Deepak HatiaHouse master / Shivalik junior

Physical education teacher
Contact No. 9821923685 (M)

Arvind Singh House master / Nilgiri junior

PGT - Eonomics
Contact No. 8009204753 (M)

Raja Malviya House master / Arawali junior

PGT - Computer science
Contact No. 9826352173 (M)

House master(Girls)

Mrs. Pratibha Bansal House master / Girls-1

PGT - Hindi
Contact No. 7803835475 (M)

Mrs. Anamika ViysHouse master / Girls-2

TGT - Hindi
Contact No. 9893294249 (M)

Mrs. Renu Sharma House master / Girls-3

TGT - Hindi
Contact No. 9589670866 (M)

Know about

The efficient management of a residential school depends upon the quality of the House system functioning in a school.

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Normally, senior teachers are given the appointment of the House masters / Associate House masters, preferably, a PGT should be House master of senior house.

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A residential school system revolves around the personality, capability and effectiveness of the House master. A House master is a leader of the House. He/she should be able to motivate and guide all the children placed under his/her care.

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In a house system, House master is assisted by an associated house master and by other teachers (called tutors) attached to his/her house. They should provide assistance to House master and carry out all house related responsibilities assigned to them by their House master.

Formation of house

Instruction as per compendium of circulars : school administration Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti :It has been decided to communicate specific guidelines for formation of house system, as a two-tier system of House shall function in a Navodaya Vidyalaya :

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Ensure that the House maintains punctuality in all specified activities as per daily routine. Conduct roll-call of the House during morning assembly and evening games and reports the same to school captain/House master. Supervises 'prep' self study in case same in carried out House wise.

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