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"Yoga"- to live your life

Adolescence is an important time for the development of mental health. Nowadays student's life revolves around academic activities, assignments, to score good grades in the examination, performing better at the workplace and a lot of other hectic activities. They don't get much time for themselves or to relax their mind. To get first in the race of life, they lack somewhere behind and alleviate more and more stress for themselves.Therefore school based stress management and wellness programs have been encouraged to promote healthy living in students, as a result of which students have gained benefit. Apart from these programs yoga and meditation directly helps in contributing to improve mental focus and concentration among students. Yoga soothes our mind and body and helps to eliminate social and academic stress from students. Breath and movement combine yoga which helps in soothing cramped and jammed bodies.

Benefits of yoga in student's life- If practiced regularly, yoga and meditation help in yielding some positive results that can be quite beneficial for students. Yoga brings out plenty of potential positive outcomes in students and many other people. Some of the benefits of yoga to students -

  • De-stress students- Family pressure, academic performance standards, and peer groups are some of the reasons which may take a student's success in school. One of the primary benefits of yoga is to eliminate stress from young students. According to behavioral health services and research it is found that a student who participated in yogic activities, has more exhibited improvement in mood, perceived stress and anxiety. Yoga and its movement help in drawing focus away from the busy and hectic day and reflect calming effects on your body. Students will feel happier and have improved mental focus and concentration after practicing yoga and meditation.

  • Strength- Strength is very important especially for young people who struggle between rigorous activities all round the day. Yoga and meditation helps in increasing muscle strength if practiced regularly. All yoga poses helps to build your deep abdominal muscles and core strength, which helps you in performing your daily activities quickly. With meditation and yoga, you tend to get a great deal of strength and calmness of mind.

  • Sharpness and concentration- Yoga has proved to be of great importance in increasing concentration power and sharpness of brain. Movements of yoga offer time for mind and body to relax and include increased focus on long, deep, slow breaths as well as coordination of mental concentration. Yoga focuses on peace of mind.

  • Health benefits- Physical and mental health therapy are the most important benefits of yoga. It has been reported that conducting yoga has succeeded in improving asthma. Asthma can be controlled by doing yoga regularly. Yoga practice also results in low level of anxiety. Yoga and meditation help in controlling high blood pressure, which keeps mind relax. Yoga has proved to be of great benefit to students suffering from hypertension.

    Flexibility and weight management- flexibility of the body is another advantage of doing yoga regularly. Practicing yoga asana your muscles are also stretched thereby increasing the flexibility of your body. Uneasiness in breathing and obesity are some of the problems related to weight which is very common among the students. Due to high calories drinks and food intake, students have to face such types of problems. With practicing yoga regularly they can help their weight management.

    Visuals- Yogic activity in JNV Raisen

    Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) is increasingly aware of the importance of being physically active, especially in light of childhood obesity statistics. Multitudes of research show that being active is essential to the well-being of a person; it is now our responsibility as a society to utilize that information. Yogic activities are vital factors when it comes to keeping kids healthy. Yogic class is all about keeping kids active and teaching them the importance of staying active. The activities that one engages in during yoga class instill values that the student can carry with them beyond the classroom. Yoga, whether part of a school program or not, have continuing benefits that help kids build strength, maintain a healthy body weight, develop social skills and build self-esteem. By being a part of a team and its accomplishments, students can develop a positive sense of self-worth and pride.

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